39 Easy And Creative Diy Pallet Project Home Decor Ideas

Easy And Creative Diy Pallet Project Home Decor Ideas 03 Easy And Creative Diy Pallet Project Home Decor Ideas 03

It’s been talked about over and over how colors can influence the way we feel and act. Because of this many people try to choose a room color that will have a positive effect (in their opinion) on the people dwelling inside.

Often times this just leads to frustration and ultimately can ruin an otherwise fun DIY project.

Let’s face it, painting your home’s interior can be a fun and easy way to transform the look of your home.

Why complicate it? When choosing a color you shouldn’t necessarily worry too much about whether Red means “Passion” or Green equals “Nature & Outdoors”… you’re not doing a science experiment, you’re repainting your interior!

The most important thing to consider is the rest of your home, style and decor. No matter what “mood” you think those colors are going to create they’ll look pretty nasty if they clash with the rest of your decor.

Conversely if your color scheme compliments your decor and personal style, it will always look great and feel great; no matter what “mood” is associated with that color.

Color selection should be more about creating harmony and uniformity to enforce your style. Keeping your pallets simple is the best advice I can give you. Many people try to create complicated pallets and mix too many colors… it usually turns out to be a disaster!

If you feel like mixing it up a little, try using different tones of the same color. By mixing in slightly darker or lighter tones of the same color you can create interesting looks of texture and shadow without drawing too much attention to those details. Remember, it’s the details that make the difference.

One good rule of thumb is to keep it light. It’s easier to add a darker coat of paint later if you really want to darken the room up. Oftentimes people misjudge the intensity of colors and are overwhelmed by what they get when an entire wall (or room) are painted.

By concentrating on light colors with darker tones as details you will have a greater chance of successfully creating the look you’re after.

Another important tip is to take your color chips home with you and view them in clear Daylight as well as under Artificial lights.

A color can look very different depending on the time of day! Make sure it’s really what you want before committing a large amount of time and money to the project.

Most of all remember that this should be a fun project and even if you mess up, it’s only paint! You can always try again!


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