58 Awesome Functional Kitchen Design Ideas

Awesome Functional Kitchen Design Ideas 55 Awesome Functional Kitchen Design Ideas 55

There are many kitchen design ideas and I will offer my opinions to help guide you design the best kitchen ever. The kitchen has become the most important room of the home; therefore its design must fit your family’s lifestyle.

Long ago, it was primarily the place for cooking/storing food, however in today’s homes, it is the gathering place. It has become the central focal point of the home. More money is spent on the kitchen than any other room of the home.

The first kitchen design idea to consider is its layout. It needs to be functional as well as beautiful. One older method of designing the layout is the work triangle. The range, sink and refrigerator would form the points of this “work triangle” therefore creating an area that would make cooking & cleaning easier.

One issue with this concept is only one person typically would fit in this triangle. Today, cooking is usually a family event with socializing therefore its design should take this into account.

Designers now use a zone design that accounts for more than one person in the kitchen at a time. This creates multiple cooking areas. Separate cook tops & ovens and sometimes they will install two sinks, one for prep and the other for clean-up.

There are several basic design layouts/floor plans:

Single Wall – Simple design for very small spaces, however not very functional
Galley Kitchens – For small areas that allow a pass through. Two sides that face each other.
L-shaped Kitchens – Most common design for the average home, good work space.
U-shaped Kitchens – Larger space needed, very functional for multiple people, especially with an island
Kitchens with an Island – Islands are very popular and provide a great, central work space.
Kitchens with a Peninsula – Provide a sitting area in the kitchen.
Outdoor kitchens – Becoming very popular as outdoor living spaces are becoming very common.

These kitchen guidelines provide recommendations for dishwasher placement, proper distances between doors/cabinets, countertop areas, etc. These are a great help in ensuring you have enough clearance/space where needed.


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