39 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas 07 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas 07

You don’t have to worry about ruining the decor of the house and you can very freely put up your feet and relax in the surroundings designed in the Tuscan style.

Romans during the ancient times did not like too much of hustle and bustle, and hence opted to moved out of cities and live in provinces that were peaceful and quiet.

It was mainly the hills of Italy that the Romans preferred to move in, because they wanted a life that provided recreation. Government of this land did promise to provide an ideal life to these people, but it was not successful in providing it to them. And it was here that the unique style from Tuscan became the property of the rich and famous.

Have a comfortable and comfy look:

One of the main features of the Tuscan architecture is that it does not look new and shiny. It is has a kind of a used and old type of a look, which many people find comfortable to live in. The look that designs in the Tuscan style give is the worn and rustic type of a look a look which makes the place look used and lived in.

Such places appear more inviting to some people. Visitors, friends and relatives tend to like such an atmosphere and love to stay longer. There are no uncomfortable and quick visits. In a very neat and clean home, people are hesitant to stay on for a longer period of time.

Tuscan designs have rustic appeal:

Accessories like stone walls that have a crumbling look, marble floors, furniture made of wood, farmhouses made of stone, accessories, made of wrought iron etc. are some of the accessories used in the Tuscan style. To provide natural style, sandstone and limestone is used. To enhance the outward look of the house the roofs have tiles made of terracotta.

Even modern day homes have tiles made of terracotta to experience the feel of 
Tuscan style. Shutters are made of wood and the windows are deeply set within the home, so that a rustic appeal is added to the entire house. Homes made in designs of Tuscan style look strong and sturdy. They look as if they have withstood difficult times, and that they can withstand even more trying times.

Homes in the Tuscany area in Italy have the Tuscan look and Tuscan surroundings which make them look different and unique. Exteriors of these homes are usually surrounded with bricks made from sandstone, which also include a patio. For decoration purposes statues and fountains are also placed in the courtyards.

For the flooring of the house mainly marble is used. Even rugs that have antique looks are used to cover the wooden flooring. Cupboards usually have no doors and serve the purpose of display various items in the cupboard. With a number of natural styles your home is sure to be an attraction for many.


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