44 Awesome Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Makeover Decor Ideas

Awesome Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Makeover Decor Ideas 44 Awesome Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen Makeover Decor Ideas 44

There is something absolutely wholesome about the very look and feel of country kitchens. You are immediately transported back to some day, you can’t quite remember where, with memories of those marvelous cooking aromas and that anticipation of a splendid meal ahead.

Maybe it was spending the weekend at your grandmother’s house, maybe you were visiting friends in the countryside, somewhere. Lots of people opt to revive such memories when they plan a kitchen makeover and country kitchens can be re-created quite easily if you pay attention to detail and have a lot of fun along the way.

What do you have in mind? Maybe you can picture the Victorian version, or are adamant that you want to re-create your grandmother’s farmhouse style. It’s perfectly possible to make a country kitchen using a contemporary approach and it’s always a good idea to do your research before you start, to get inspiration to add on to those memories, which, let’s face it, may be fading just a little!

A good thing to remember here is that you need body and texture. Colour is a very important part of your plan, but materials like wood, bronze, copper and granite, in one style or another can work very well when strategically placed. As far as the colour is concerned you might want to go for the earthy look or have some crisp and contrasting palettes.

Think about practicality as well as style and appearance when you’re choosing flooring for your country kitchen. It has to be easy to take care of and not susceptible to visual discolouration whenever it starts to get that “lived in” look.

It shouldn’t be slippery, nor especially unforgiving, especially when you drop one of your favourite pieces of china. Marmoleum is a modern flooring option that is similar to the kind of linoleum that you may remember from your childhood.

When it comes to your surfaces and backsplashes, maybe you could opt for tile? This is where you can be especially creative and add specific personality to your project.

Ceramic tiles are good for backsplashes and something with a solid, but weathered look would be great for the working surface. Remember practicality and cleanability, though.

Assuming that you have got room in your kitchen, go to town with your selection of country style furniture. You certainly ought to consider an antique or vintage look here, a couple of ladder-back chairs, or one of those traditional wooden tables in the middle.

Plenty of mason jars and cookie jars add a huge amount of authenticity and you should be able to find a couple of collectibles to place strategically or to put up on the walls.

It’s a lot more fun to craft handmade kitchens, rather than choosing fitted options, if you have the inclination and the creativity at heart. You’d be surprised what you can come up with and how you can re-create some of the most treasured memories from your days of yore back in grandma’s kitchen.


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