61 Beautiful Front Door Planter Ideas

Beautiful Front Door Planter Ideas 42 Beautiful Front Door Planter Ideas 42

You may have the inside of your home looking perfect, but there may be a little bit lacking in the appearance outside. Time to check your green thumb, and use some planters to spice things up.

Planters can help define the spaces outside your home. For instance, a couple of planters can provide a focal point for an entry way to your home, whether it is from your front walkway to your front door, or from the back deck to the sun room.

Planters can be placed to help guide visitors, through the beauty of the plantings, to where they should focus their attention in your yard or home. While you could just plant flowers and bushes along those lines outside your home, planters help define that space and break it up, visually, into specific areas.

If you have worked a long time on all the plants in your garden or around your home, you can also use planters to help you make this work easier. In many cases planters can be used to house different plant species you have been raising and define where they are going to be instead of letting them meld with one another.

This has a double bonus of first decreasing the maintenance level by keeping the plants from tangling with one another, and it also draws visitors’ eyes to those plants you have worked so hard to raise.

Planters are an especially good idea if you have an aggressive plant that seems to grow overnight and has to always be cut back to keep it from damaging your other plants. With planters you can keep that active plant better contained, and out of trouble.

If you are really into the gardening world and would like to have a garden full of various plants from exotic locales, you may have had a problem with them in the past because of the soil.

One of the problems with raising plants from different walks of life is many of them have different soil requirements. It’s hard to have some of your yard acidic while some of the rest is alkaline, but with planters you don’t have to worry about that.

You can prepare the soil for the specific plants that will be going into those planters and know they are getting the soil make up and nutrition they need to bloom. Planters will let you optimize the growing potential for your garden.

Additionally, if you live in a climate where the winters come on strong, you may have been heartbroken in the past to see some of the plants you had worked so hard on, wither up as the cold weather moved in.

If you had them in planters, you may be able to spare them from this fate. As the temperature drops, you would be able to bring those planters either into the garage or even in the house, to offer the plants a place to weather those cold hours, and keep you from having to start from scratch.


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