48 Genius Small Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas

Genius Small Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas 24 Genius Small Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas 24

Have you always dreamed of having a stylish kitchen but do not know how to go about achieving this? If so, you can have your stylish kitchen with the help of a professional.

First, let the professional know what type of style you like. Do you want a contemporary kitchen, country kitchen, English cottage, rustic, Victorian, etc. You can search online for different photos of stylish kitchens.

Next you want to set a budget so that you do not go overboard with spending. The kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to remodel so choose wisely. The good news is that when you remodel a kitchen it is built to last.

Make a list of the most important items you want done to your kitchen. Those items at the bottom of your list may just have to wait if you start to go over your set budget. This is why the list is important to have in the order of what you want done first to achieve a stylish kitchen.

If flooring is very important to you than you have many types to choose from. You may want a real wood floor, a laminate wood floor, ceramic tile, carpeting or vinyl flooring. If you are choosing a real wood floor make sure you choose a strong type of wood.

You do not want to spend a fortune only to have your dog, kids or any other accidents happen and your wood floor is completely scratched up with dents. Even with the strongest of wood floors, some scratching is normal.

If you choose a laminate wood floor, the styles and types you can choose from look real and hold up very well. Ceramic tile is gorgeous and durable. Just remember to think if water spills on it due to getting a drink out of the faucet or refrigerator, or wet boots or shoes, or an accident, that it can be slippery.


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