48 Simple Awesome White Wood Beams Ceiling Ideas For Home Or Cottage

Simple Awesome White Wood Beams Ceiling Ideas For Home Or Cottage 11 Simple Awesome White Wood Beams Ceiling Ideas For Home Or Cottage 11

One of the most ignored elements in interior design is the ceiling. Many people paint it white and then forget about it. Many others simply move into a house and never give the ceiling any thought.

Fortunately, a yellowed, dirty ceiling can seriously date the overall look and feel of a home. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to update your home while focusing entirely on the ceiling area.

1. Add Some Color

Chances are, your bedroom designs, living room designs, kitchen designs and just about every room in your home feature a white or off-white ceiling. Why not add some color into the mix instead?

Here’s an easy trick that many professional interior designers from big city New York interior designers to local, small town designers use. Take the color of your walls and put the same color just a few shades lighter onto the ceiling. This ties the space together and updates the overall look of the home.

For the more bold or daring, add a darker color to your ceiling such as chocolate brown or black, which can help make the space feel more cozy. You can also consider adding a metallic color, faux finish, a mural or even wallpaper.

2. Update the Light Fixtures

Another way to make a room feel more updated is to swap out the existing light fixtures with new, updated ceiling fixtures. Chandeliers are extremely trendy right now and can be used in bedroom designs, kitchen designs and even bathroom designs.

When you pair your new light fixtures with a fresh coat of paint, even if you decide to repaint the ceiling white, you’ll find that the entire space feels fresh and new.

3. New Materials

You don’t have to settle for a popcorn ceiling. If you’ve got the budget, why not update your entire ceiling using new materials? Besides, a plain-Jane white ceiling isn’t for everyone.

For example, your new kitchen design ideas could include a new tin panel ceiling. If real tin isn’t in the budget, you can easily find plastic panels that mimic the look of tin ceilings. Other materials you could consider using on your ceilings could include fabric, wallpaper, temporary wall decals, wood, different metals and so forth.

Speaking of adding new materials to the ceiling, you may even want to consider adding new architectural treatments to the space. This could include changes such as crown moulding, ceiling medallions above ceiling fixtures, coffering, recessed trays, wooden beams and much, much more.


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