47 Awesome Brick Patterns Patio Ideas For Your Beautiful Yard

Awesome Brick Patterns Patio Ideas For Your Beautiful Yard 13 Awesome Brick Patterns Patio Ideas For Your Beautiful Yard 13

If you are considering installing new flanged flooring into your patio or backyard, you could definitely consider brick as your option. It is very hard-wearing, won’t ever go out of fashion or style.

Bricks look grand all through the year. There are however some dissimilar patterns of brick patio designs which you will find useful. Fortunately, each and every one of the patterns will provide your patio with an elegant as well as unique appearance.

Many people out there are uncertain about the type of pattern or design to implement with a brick patio. Since there are a wide range of options that you can use, it could actually turn out to be somewhat overwhelming to choose the idyllic pattern or design.

We are here to help you out with your design and pattern choice. Here goes our short tutorial on brick patio design. Hope it will give you some ideas of great brick patio designs. Enjoy!

Circular Pattern – The Dreamy Pattern!

Generally, circular patterned brick designs happen to be among the most admired ones. They are also possibly the most arduous ones when it comes to installation. Basically, your bricks would be laid in circular patterns which extend off a selected central point. Circular patterned brick designs can add a special class as well as sophistication to all outdoor spaces.

Running Bond – The Exclusive Pattern!

This pattern is fairly simple, yet multitalented among all other brick designs. This pattern is all about irregular rows of great looking bricks in the similar arrangement. This means, each and every row is to stay in the similar position. This will confer a classic look which is usually seen in patios as well as pathways all through the world.

Basket Weave – The Majestic Pattern!

Basket weave is a pattern comprising squares which are composed of 2 bricks, yet points in irregular directions. Consequently, in a square you will have 2 bricks which run horizontally. Also, in the adjacent square they will run vertically. Such a brick pattern can be visually gorgeous, yet pretty simple to install.

Herringbone Pattern – The Unique Pattern!

With this pattern, you will be required to lay your bricks in attractive diagonal rows with sporadic directions. This will create an interesting zig-zag look. In other words, this will create a quite formal and traditional look, which has been applied in streets as well as outdoor settings over centuries.

Stack Board – The Stacked Pattern!

Among the patterns available out there, the stack board pattern is definitely the simplest of the brick patio designs out there. All you do is line up the bricks at your patio’s edge. Just lay down those bricks one next to another. You are supposed to put one brick over the other. And you will try and keep those even, till you have reached the far end. This way, you will wind up with a great looking pattern that resembles brick columns.

Something about the variation of running bond pattern…

You could easily have a variation on typical running bond designs. It is better to start at the middle of the patio by setting 2 bricks alongside. Now use more bricks to make a balanced square all around the center two. Keep going outwards by doing this.

This way, you are getting a smart running bond pattern circling vividly to the rim of the patio. This can be an excellent avenue for getting a good-looking and knotty look for the square shaped patio areas and you don’t need lots of planning for this.


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