47 Perfect Small Living Room Designs With Traditional Charm

Perfect Small Living Room Designs With Traditional Charm 03 Perfect Small Living Room Designs With Traditional Charm 03

Although there are plenty of different ways you can arrange your living room, classic arrangements continue to be among the favorites. Classic arrangements are a natural for traditionally styled living rooms.

However, even if your living room is designed with a more contemporary style, there are still classic elements that can work well. If you want to add classic beauty to your living room, here are some arrangement tips that can help.

Balance is Key

When arranging a classic living room, balance is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Furniture pieces, accessories, and art pieces will look best if you keep them balanced.

When arranging furniture, this means that you should arrange your pieces so that both sides of the room have an equal number of pieces. However, sometimes good balance will dictate that one larger piece should be offset by two smaller pieces.

You can also enhance the room’s balanced look by centering furniture pieces against the wall, or according to window position. Smaller pieces of furniture should also be balanced, such as placing a table at each end of the sofa.

The coffee table should be centered in front of the sofa or loveseat, and bookcases or shelving units should be positioned in a visually balanced fashion. Throw pillows will look best when used in even numbers, such as placing one or two pillows at each end of the sofa.

Wall art will also look its best when it’s centered, such as hanging a picture over the sofa or a candle sconce at either side of the fireplace or doorway. Visual balance should also be taken into consideration when choosing window treatments. It’s these little balanced touches that will give the room its overall traditional and classic look.

Classic Floor Plan Arrangements

Although you can certainly arrange your furniture pieces in any balanced fashion, there are a few floor plans and arrangements that are commonly used. Centering the sofa on the longest wall or in front of a large window can add a classic touch.

If you have a television in the room, it is customary to position it opposite the sofa to allow for easy viewing. An L-shaped furniture arrangement is frequently used in small living rooms, placing the sofa and one or two chairs in close proximity to each other.

For large living rooms, you might want to create more than one conversation area. However, in doing so, you should continue to keep balance in mind.

Classic living room floor plans are generally designed so that the main path through the room does not cut directly through the primary conversation area. For example, you would not want to place a sofa and chair on opposite sides of the front door.

Instead, create your conversation area in the opposite corner of the room. If you create more than one conversation area, make sure the primary path cuts between these two areas instead of directly through either one of them.


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