43 Simple Ways Create Low Maintenance Garden

Simple Ways Create Low Maintenance Garden 28 Simple Ways Create Low Maintenance Garden 28

When you decide, for whatever reason, that you want a low maintenance garden, it’s important to plan in advance rather than just run head long into it.

Although a low maintenance garden can be achieved relatively easily, if you fail to plan it properly it can end up more work than it should.

Some things to consider when you are planning for a low maintenance garden are:

  • Is it for a mature gardener
  • Is it because you just don’t have time
  • Are you doing it because you don’t like gardening
  • Do you still want plants and flowers
  • Is it temporary due to illness or work commitments

Although there may well seem like a thousand and one reasons to change your garden to a low maintenance one, there are literally a thousand and one ways to do it.

For example, if you are helping an elderly relative to cope better in their garden, then you should seriously consider their need for a lawn. But, how will you tell them that the one thing that they have kept just like a bowling green for years needs too much attention from them?

Instead of going for a low maintenance garden in cases such as this, why not get other family members to club together with you and employ a gardener to help out and maintain the garden?

If you are trying to work your garden around work commitments then you need to consider if this is just a short term or long term commitment. After all, you wouldn’t want to totally re-design your garden only to find a few months later that you have the time back to enjoy it again!

A low maintenance garden can be just a beautiful as the neighbour with the cottage garden, but serious thought should be given before you start any kind of redesign.


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