45 Stunning Hallways Traditional Decor Ideas

Stunning Hallways Traditional Decor Ideas 38 Stunning Hallways Traditional Decor Ideas 38

The aim of this article it to share some great ideas for getting the most out of your hallway. Whether you are looking to re-decorate / refresh your hallway or you’ve just moved into a new house, there are always options for you to think through.

One of the most popular ways to personalise a hallway is to give at a new coat of paint. However when deciding to paint make sure you’ve spent to the time to get a good colour, one that not only matches your taste, but also one that ideally is going to lighten the hallway.

Caution though, you may not want to make it too light as dirt or scuff marks will show up easily – especially if you have a young family or pets. A quick shake of your dog’s wet coat and you will be wall cleaning!

Once you have the bare walls decorated, you may want to furnish them to add extra personality and personal touches. The hallway is one of the more popular places within the home to display small pieces of artwork.

Not only do you get to add life to the hallway, you are subtly introducing your personal tastes to the visitor. The options you have here are endless. Nowadays photographic prints can do an equal job as traditional artwork.

Landscapes, portraits or abstract designs can all work, depending on your own personal preference.

A similar theme to artwork / photographic images, yet more personal, is the creation of a dedicated wall for your family. This doesn’t have to be just a line up of school photos (unless you are determined to embarrass your children!) but can be something more creative.

Some families choose the modern style of ‘action shots’ to have a whole family portrait, whereas others go more extreme and choose the Warhol style. Of course you can be traditional (incredibly so if you opt for a ‘period’ aged design) and simply have a family portrait.

The most important thing however is that you choose a style that matches how you want to display and show your family – not what is simply the current trend.

Lighting is of course incredibly important within the hallway and, once again, you have endless choices. Many people like to have control over the lighting in their hallway as you rarely need full power due to it acting as a passageway.

Many opt for overhead lighting, used when you really do need to see, and a hallway lamp for the rest of the time. Illuminating pictures or photographs is something that will also add light to the hallway while giving a good effect.

Of course it’s not just about what goes on the walls, hallway furniture is also available with wide and varied choices. To make the most of space and design in the hallway, look at possibly setting a small table or even storage chest in the hall so that decorative items or perhaps that hallway lamp can be displayed.

Another option is a hallway bench, something slightly different, but that harks back to earlier times. This wooden furniture can be bare wood or painted and it really does add to the hall while giving useful storage opportunities.

Lastly the flooring of the hall is something to take into consideration; carpeted? Tiled? Floorboards? Your choice on this may be swayed by budget, but the main thing is to match the theme that you have been aiming for.

While floorboards of tiles / flagstone are more expensive, you know they will not wear away due to use or become dirty and tatty. Of course entrance rugs and mats can protect hallway carpets if that is what you choose.


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