43 Astonishing Interior European Style Ideas To Rock This Summer

Astonishing Interior European Style Ideas To Rock This Summer 04 Astonishing Interior European Style Ideas To Rock This Summer 04

Add Excitement to a Room with Furniture and Accents with Color

Beige is out, bold is in. Color in unexpected places can rev up a room, giving it a fresh and exciting look. By infusing a room with vivid, bright or rich hues, even with a single item of furniture or décor, a staid living space can become a highlight of the home.

Many people believe that color is only for modern interiors, but that’s not the case. Color is a great way to add some freshness to a more traditional look. A couple of strategically placed pieces and accents in a room can create a very stirring environment.

Here’s a few colorful decorating ideas to create a new look in a room.

Wake Up on the Sunny Side

Make the bedroom a showroom with a contemporary bed that is gorgeous even without sheets. Look for innovative styles in contemporary colors such as purple, yellow, lime, chartreuse, orange and hot pink. A new trend in hi-tech beds is a light-up base that brings on the cool in a room. For youth bedrooms, beds that feature bold color and design – and even a headboard with built-in speakers and an iPod hook up, can make a bedroom rock.

For the living room, den or guest room, consider a colorful European-style sofa bed. These modern pull-outs are not only great solutions for small spaces where you need an extra bed that doesn’t look like a bed, they liven up a room in sleek styles and colors. One store in the United States that carries these types of beds and sofa beds is Sapapa by Amianch.

Radiate Personality

Electronics are boring in basic black, but with the 24-inch Sceptre Galaxy Series LED HDTV ($399), design and color come together to make a statement of modernity and style. The housing for this ultra-slim flat panel pops in shiny red, pink, blue, pearl, white, black and chrome.

Not only does this widescreen look sleek and sharp on the outside, it boasts a stunning picture with 1920 x 1080 resolution and rapid 5 ms response time and features dual HDMI ports and a USB port for use with an array of peripherals. Now available to consumers nationwide at Walmart, Target, Sears, Kmart, NewEgg, Amazon and QVC.

Color Says it All

Using a strong color in a piece of furniture is a tremendous opportunity to express your individuality and add excitement to a room. For the best design results, find a few accessories to compliment the color so the ‘look’ is successful throughout the room.

Also, consider the emotions colors will arouse and what mood you want to elicit in a room.

Orange is a very stimulating and exciting color to use. Purple, a very regal color, can also be very fun and playful. Consult a designer to help you achieve the look and feeling you want a room to have.


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