44 Brilliant Interior Modern Style Ideas To Keep Now

Brilliant Interior Modern Style Ideas To Keep Now 25 Brilliant Interior Modern Style Ideas To Keep Now 25

Some seemingly brilliant design concepts start to look dated in no time flat, but truly great creative concepts in interior design are ageless. Modern art inspired some brilliant design concepts, and made legends out of a number of talented interior designers.

Clean lines and strong geometries dominate the look, with classic black and white always looking strong and assured.

1920’s modernism influenced the look of art deco styling, and California cool style in the 1940’s and 1950’s was heavily influenced by jazz culture and abstract impressionism. Everything in the first part of the twentieth century was heading in the direction of art-for-art’s-sake, and it produced some beautiful interior design.

The minimalism that followed from modernism’s impact got a bit ridiculous in some of its more white-on-white, impossibly-uncomfortable-furniture, and too-much-chrome incarnations, but done right, a spare and elegant Japanese influenced living space is always in style.

Interior design is concerned with striking a balance between art and comfortable livability. A piece of furniture must be functional as well as elegant. Wall coverings should not induce nausea or depression. Ideally a well-designed space will delight the senses and inspire the mind and soul.

Truly great design concepts don’t come along that often. When a look proves timeless, a great interior designer keeps that look in mind as a touchstone, even while striving to create newer and better creative concepts.

The modern look is the major design touchstone that emerged from the twentieth century. Who knows what new movement in art will inspire the next great visual motif for interior design? If designers are still referring to a look we create now in the year 2100 we will have reached the goal the moderns set for us in the 1920’s.


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