43 Lovely Stylish Industrial Bathroom Vanity Ideas Decor

Lovely Stylish Industrial Bathroom Vanity Ideas Decor 28 Lovely Stylish Industrial Bathroom Vanity Ideas Decor 28

When it comes to home interior design, there are two very different and very distinct styles. One style is reserved, quiet, and beautiful. While the other expresses a statement, is edgy and bold. In a few words, one is old, and one is new.

Both are stunning, and both are vastly different. Your personal style usually leans one way or another, it’s not typical for you to like a little of both.

Antique styles often range in age, rarity, condition, utility, and other features that characterize it as “antique.” Antiques are most noted in history and in often become family heirlooms. Museums often use antique artifacts to show history, and allow people to get a better understanding of the history behind them.

Antique can also be pertaining to something that has been passed down from generation to generation. Often in families, there are pieces of furniture and items that are passed down to their children or their grandchildren. Usually these items stay within the family for many generations.

On the flip side, there is the Contemporary style, which is new and fresh. It generally means keeping up with the times, the same era, or modern design. The styles are often bold and loud with vibrant colors. This style of furniture is popular for a lot of people.

One stunning new addition to the design world is the unparalleled statement that can be made with Contemporary Bathroom Vanities. Usually furniture most often found in the lavatory is simple and very industrial looking.

There might be a linen cabinet, or mirrored medicine cabinet, but nothing that is modern or stylish.

This new look often consists of glass, and unusual sinks like those that mount on top of a glass countertop, or have a unique sink shape, like a triangle or square. They still produce the same efficiency and uses, but with much more style and elegance.

The idea is to complete your bathroom look with an updated, fresh style that allows you to enjoy your time in the lavatory. It should be an oasis to get ready and start your day off on the right foot.

While Antique Bathroom Vanities are nice and classic, sometimes they can be dull and mundane. On the other hand, Contemporary styles are an exciting way to spruce up any room, and have the ability to infuse a sense of chic style with only one piece of furniture.


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