45 Admirable Furniture Makeover Ideas Makeup Old Furnitures

Admirable Furniture Makeover Ideas Makeup Old Furnitures 22 Admirable Furniture Makeover Ideas Makeup Old Furnitures 22

Changing the décor in your bathroom doesn’t always mean performing complete renovations. It can mean you simply need to change some features of the décor in order to move from say a contemporary décor to modern. In some instances it may mean makeovers in the form of vanity furniture or medicine cabinets.

Whatever your bathroom remodeling ideas are, you can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom with just a few simple changes. It is always a good idea to start with the easiest things first when making renovations.

One of the easiest bathroom remodeling ideas to change is mirrors and vanity furniture. Your vanity may include a sink in which you want to omit from the vanity. Of course you can’t omit a sink from the bathroom but you can omit it from a vanity and have it sitting on a pedestal.

You vanity furniture should be able to provide you with the space and lighting needed to apply makeup as well as style your hair. The lights should be bright but not glaring as well as flattering. Placing lights above the mirrors can cause shadows that are not so flattering so this should be avoided.

Medicine cabinets are another easy renovation. These can be mirrored or have simple wooden or glass doors. Recessed medicine cabinets give your bathroom a more uniform look than wall mounted ones.

Since wall mounted medicine cabinets literally stand out away from the wall, they can easily become loose and fall. Recessed units are able to rest on the edges of the hole that is cut in the wall. They can be place between wall joists and attached to these joists for added security and stability.

Bathtubs and showers are the most difficult to renovate. Some shower renovations can be done with simple wall inserts as well as bathtub inserts. These are plastic wall sheets that are literally glued to the existing walls of your bathtub and shower.

Literally installing bathtubs can be more difficult. The old bathtub must be removed, the area measured to ensure the proper fit, fixtures and drains removed and the new bathtub placed in the existing space.

Installing the features of some modern bathtubs can mean you must run separate water lines and electric leads. Installing a free standing shower requires running water lines, drains and sealing the shower to ensure there are no leaks.

Bathroom makeovers don’t have to be difficult but as you can see, they can lead to major time investments. When you make renovations to your home in any way, it is an investment of both time and money.

It raises the value of your home so that when you decide to sell, your home will be worth more than it was when you purchased it. Many people move their older homes into a more contemporary style with bathroom remodeling ideas.

The simple things you do can make a big impact on the look and feel of your bathroom not to mention increase the value of your home upon resale.


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