44 Impressive Italian Shower Design Advantages

Impressive Italian Shower Design Advantages 30 Impressive Italian Shower Design Advantages 30

The bathroom becomes more than just a lavatory, it becomes something to relish, something to discuss.

Italian design doesn’t seem to grow old, but more refined as time progresses. To the Italian designer, even the smallest detail is meant to be pleasing to your eye.

Most of us don’t put as much consideration into each part of our bathroom, but that isn’t the same for Italian designers.

Door knobs and soap trays are given focus and have as much importance as any other part of the bathroom. When talking about Italian bathroom design, you’re speaking about polished metal and brass, fashioned in very upscale styles.

The whole point is to give a look of luxury. It’s not hard to imagine why this shiny, elaborate look, is so familiar and connected to luxury.

Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and some have even gone as far as to add modern water jets to their old style baths. There are all kinds of modern advancements that can be added to the bathroom, but it’s just important to keep it all in the same theme.

In general, bathtubs are either ceramic or brass when speaking of Italian design.

And there aren’t just bathtubs, don’t forget showers, when speaking of said design in regards to shower booths, just know that they use either clear glass or a blurred glass for privacy. Another aspect of Italian design is the tiling.

Tile after tile of lightly colored ceramic tile gives a warm feeling to the room. When dealing with fancy bathrooms, bidets are added, a European option that many are quite fond of for hygiene purposes.

When working with the floor, mats and mahogany flooring help keep the floor from being so cold when you exit the shower. Unfortunately having heated floors wouldn’t work too well, this American idea would end up tarnishing the brass.

Sometimes adding fresco like pictures can really help a bathroom have some life.

Another great way to achieve this is with some added plants put in different places around the bathroom. Besides just putting plants, another great addition could be art. Art that isn’t too loud, like pictures of wine and grapes, would be a good added touch to accent the Italian feel.


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