47 Cute Window Designs Ideas For Living Room

Cute Window Designs Ideas For Living Room 13 Cute Window Designs Ideas For Living Room 13

Your windows are the perfect place to add a bit of pop to any room. You certainly want them to be functional, but they can also make a great, eye-catching decorative piece without spending a bunch of money.

So, whether you want elegant draperies, simple fabrics, or modern shades, you’re sure to find the perfect window decoration for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Coloured Curtains

Grandiose windows that stretch the full length of an 18-foot ceiling are a stunning piece on their own. Decorating them simply with coloured curtains can be an easy way to draw the eye to these spectacular fixtures. Icy blue curtains are a classic but elegant addition that perfectly frame your windows.

Roman Shades

A great choice for your kitchen windows, roman shades are versatile and durable. More importantly, you can have them made from virtually any pattern and fabric, so get creative. Whether you prefer custom roman shades that feature your favourite colours or ready-made shades, you’re sure to find a wide variety of styles that match your décor flawlessly.


Bold, black trim around your shades, curtains, or blinds is a simple but beautiful decoration for your windows. Not only will a solid-colour trim make a sophisticated statement, but they are very versatile so they can be used in any room and matched to almost any design.

Wallpaper Shades

One of the most recent advances in window treatments are wallpaper shades. A great choice for a bedroom or even the kitchen or bathroom, wallpaper window shades are a whimsical choice that brighten any room. More importantly, these shades can be constructed from a wide variety of colours and patterns so you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your room.

Coloured Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are a light and fresh addition that make a great choice for a foyer or living room. Consider an unpredictable colour like pink which actually blends well into many design choices. Soft and subtle while somewhat bold as well, coloured linen curtains make a statement without overtaking the space.


Curtains with fringe seem so 1970s, but today there are a lot of very interesting designs that feature fringe. Take for example, tassel fringe which is making a comeback. While you’ll achieve a distinctly retro feel in your room, fringe on curtains allows you to play with colour in your room in a unique and exciting design.


Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour in your curtains or your overall style. Modern designs tend toward simple, low-key colours that do not stand out. But you can make a bold statement by introducing some colour, at least to your window coverings. With a splash of bright colour on your curtains or shades, your room will definitely garner attention.


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